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Mothering Daughter's through Sacred Cycles

I help mothers of teenage daughters shift from feeling shame, disconnection and overwhelm to empowered, connected and supported to strengthen their mother-daughter bond through life's transitions.​

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About Me

I'm a mother of two daughters, 11 and 14, and a holistic coach for women steeped in the wisdom of feminine-form Ayurveda and Tantra Yoga. I arrived on this path to healing through the journey of motherhood. I felt completely out of touch with my own body even after having my children and realized that I was coming face to face with a lot of my own undigested grief and self limiting beliefs. I became aware of the need to reclaim and heal my feminine body and to work through the feelings of shame and guilt that I had been carrying around. My first step toward rediscovering self was through the practice of yoga but it wasn't until I began to align my body to the rhythms of Mother Nature, anchor into embodiment practices and honor the deep wisdom of my menstrual cycle was the key to healing the relationship with my body, mind and spirit. It had taken me 35 years to find these practices and I wanted my girls to have these gifts presented to them as they began their shift from young girl to woman. It has become a way for us to stay connected to each other and to create the space for them to honor this feminine, yin side of self that is often overlooked in modern society. It is through shifting our own perceptions of self and honoring our own bodies and stories as mothers that we can allow this space for our daughters. My practice focuses on conscious mothering, menstrual health, womb healing and cyclical living grounded in deep feminine wisdom. I am passionate about guiding mothers and their daughters to strengthen their bond, follow their own cycle and connect to spirit during the transition of menarche and beyond.


Contact Me

I would love to connect with you and send an occasional email.  Upon registration, you will receive an initial guide with realistic conversation starters and sustainable practices to support the changing landscape of your mother-daughter relationship.

Thank you!

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